Esplanade Dreams is a website managed and run by the innkeepers at La Belle Esplanade, a boutique experience inn located right in the middle of Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, USA.  In the 2200 block of our street, to be precise, an equal distance between the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street, in one direction, and City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art, in the opposite direction.  We have a unique and broad perspective of what happens in our part of the city.  Esplanade Avenue and it's surrounding neighborhoods are full of fascinations.

If you are interested to learn more about this wonderful street and neighborhood we call home, please peruse the archives here.  If you are interested in visiting New Orleans, and, more specifically, Esplanade Avenue, a street on which good memories are made every day, please visit La Belle Esplanade's website,  You can do a lot worse than staying at our inn.  A lot worse.  When you visit New Orleans, stay like you mean it.  If you spend enough time on this site, you'll feel like you know Esplanade Avenue.  Our street is even better in person, in the round.

Visit like you belong here.  Nobody ever says their visit is too long.  It is always the opposite.  Everyone says their visit is too short.  Ours is a city, and a street, dense and richly textured with details.  There is always something delightful happening around our inn.

As hyperlocal journalists ourselves, we always welcome media inquiries about our neighborhood and our inn.  Our colorful inn address has been in the backdrop of many video and film productions.  Location scouts are encouraged to contact us to use our property for photo shoots or the settings for film scenes.  

To discuss the subject of any of these blog posts, feel free to write to us.  The proprietors of this website are the proprietors of La Belle Esplanade and we are also the proprietors and curators of The New Orleans Odditarium, a kind of makeshift museum of New Orleans curiosities that is open to the public by appointment.  The Odditarium is located in our lobby and its archived collection is stored in the secret climate-controlled rooms of our inn.

We do our best to serve as unappointed and unofficial goodwill ambassadors for New Orleans, overall, and for Esplanade Avenue, in particular.  Most people find us to be excellent correspondents, so do please feel free to write.  When emailing us, we ask that you mention that you are writing about Esplanade Dreams versus staying at our inn or visiting the Odditarium.  We like to keep everything straight to avoid wasting everyone's time with needless back-and-forth.  Dreams come true on Esplanade Avenue.

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La Belle Esplanade

La Belle Esplanade